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The Philosopher's Stone

Official Web Presence of Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Author, Educator, & Philosopher


  1. a: one who seeks wisdom or enlightenment.
    b: a student of philosophy.
  2. a: a person whose philosophical perspective enables him to meet trouble with equanimity.
    b: the expounder of a theory in a particular area of experience.
    one who philosophizes.
         -- Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

Philosopher's Stone

  • The stone or material that practitioners of alchemy believed capable of changing other metals into gold
  • Figuratively, the "philosopher's stone" is a substance thought to be capable of regenerating man spiritually.
                 -- The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

AZJ reading
"Abraham Lincoln's Children"
Banff Centre for the Arts, Sept. 2005.


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AZJ Essay Appears in
Pink Floyd and Philosophy

My essay, "Exploring the Dark Side of the Rainbow," is out in
Pink Floyd and Philosophy
from Open Court Books'
Pop Culture and Philosophy series.
. In the essay, I explore the mysterious connection between
Dark Side of the Moon
and the classic film
The Wizard of Oz

Don't know the connection?
Check out the book!

"Diminished Capacity"
available online at
Abyss & Apex magazine.

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