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Heresy Today, Law Tomorrow

My Heresy column was published in the Southeast Michigan Mensa (SEMM) newsletter, M-Pathy, for a period of a few months when I got around to writing it.

In Heresy, I addressed scientific theories which run counter to what is currently the accepted wisdom of the scientific establishment. The hope is to use these "scientific heresies" to establish some level of discourse and intellectual debate on these topics, and to just get people to think about things in new ways.

Each article includes links to related web pages on the topics, as I find them.

September 2000: Scientific Heresy 101 - The original article that outlines the premise of the column.

Evolution Heresy...

My first heresy to be discussed sparked quite a little debate

Never Published: I'm Not A Monkey's Uncle
Draft 1 of the October 2000 article. Heavily revised, incomplete, and never before published. But it will give you an idea of what was going on in my head initially, prior to the revision.
October 2000: Evolution on Trial
Final draft of the Evolution article.NOMINATION: This article was nominated for the American Mensa Ltd. 2001 Publications Recognition Program: Essay award.
December 2000: The Evolution Debate by Lee Helms
A disagreeing response written by co-Mensan Lee Helms, illuminating further information about evolution, as well as addressing some important points on precise terminology in science.
April 2001: Evolutionary Responses - Part 1
A rebuttal to comments on the earlier article.
June 2001: Evolutionary Responses - Part 2
Exploration of alternatives to the traditional neo-Darwinian theory of evolution -- Including links to a variety of books on the topic.

Moving on to new ground...

July 2001: Psychic Pets and Their Human Companions
Examination of an intriguing line of thought which presents methods by which pets possess powers that would normally be considered "supernatural," through a physical process known as "morphic resonance." With several books written on the subject, I clearly have only been able to scratch the surface of this fascinating theory in this article. I might well return to other aspects of it in the future.

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