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September 25, 2003 8:27 PM

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by Andrew Zimmerman Jones

In the closing days of life,
I hear a mocking voice
echoing laughter in the labyrinth of my mind.
It's a voice that breaks through the fog.
It's the Voice of Fate,
Righting all my wrongs,
Telling me that my pain
Was never in vain.
"Your destiny has been written
Since before your time,"
It says with absurd glee,
Finally lifting the veil of despair
Which has encompassed me.
"Your life has meaning, your life was good.
Your loves were true, your thoughts were pure."

My destiny lies before me,
As I close my eyes for sleep,
Slipping away into silent peace,
The shroud of death wraps around my heart,
With this word upon my cold, unmoving lips,