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"S.O.O.C.A.V. vs. the Zodlicks"

by Andrew Zimmerman Jones

NOTE: This story was written when I was in the fourth grade.
For sentimental reasons, I have decided to reproduce the story here exactly as it was originally written, mistakes in grammar, spelling, and all.

"What is next on our program," Rodney Rabbit asked.

"Playing outside," Dorothy answered.

"Last one outside is a spoiled tomato," Rose yelled as everyone ran outside.

I (Andrew Jones), Dr. Furline (a cat), Prof. Ruffluff (a rabbit) and Robert (a young dog trying to be smart) stayed inside. Just as Albert and Alvin gopher came in chemicals blew up.

"Andrew, there's a spaceship landing in our woods. Come quick!" Albert said. We all ran outside.

"Turn on the Land/Launch Pad," I yelled.

A spacecraft landed on the Land/Launch pad. It had some large Zs on it.

"Is anyone there?" asked Dorothy cat.

"I, Zildon, leader of the Zodlicks, am the only creature on this craft," a voice said from inside the ship.

"Zodlicks, I remember them. Get him," Dr. Furline said.

"What are Zodlicks?" I asked.

"Don't ask questions! Come on!" Dr. Furline said. We all ran as a small green and blue creature appeared with a ray-gun. It shot at us. The gun hippnotised us all.

"In ten Earth minutes you will come out of this trans. You will read the letter that I wrote to you," Zildon said to us. "You will respond however you choose." Zildon then took off into the sky.

Ten minutes later everyone woke up. "What are Zodlicks," I asked.

"I'll explain," Prof. Ruffluff said, "in 910 A.D. there was a very hi-tech war. It was between the Zodlicks and S.O.O.C.A.V. (Secret Organation Of Cats And Varmints), "Now, let's read this letter."

"I'll Do it," Robert said. "Dear S.O.O.C.A.V., the Zodlicks have set two bombs that will destroy the entire Earth, signed Zildon," Robert fainted. Everyone ganged around him.

"Let him get air," said Rose the cat.

"Thanks," Robert said whenever he revived. No one noticed that my sister, Allison, had come in and came with me, Dr. Furline, Prof. Ruffluff, and the gopher family into a different room.

Meanwhile, on planet Z, "Zildon, we have recieved no word from S.O.O.C.A.V.," Zidon said.

"Transmit a message to S.O.O.C.A.V. saying that in five hours if they don't surrender we shall destroy the Earth," Zildon said.

"Yes, sir," said Zidon.

Meanwhile on Earth, "What's the lowest point that the underground tunnels go to?" asked Albert gopher.

"About 100 feet," I responded.

"That sounds good. We can go down that far then dig to the Earth's core," Alvin said.

"Why do we have to tunnel to the Earth's core any how," asked Althea.

"Because," I explained, "If the bombs are going to destroy the Earth they have to be in the core. The core has to be destroyed first, then the Earth will blow up."

"Andrew, Dr. Furline, come quick!" yelled Morgan the bird.

"What is it?" I asked.

"A transmission from Planet Z," Rose answered, "It's Zidon, second in cammand of the Zodlicks. And I think he means business."

"In five hours if you don't surrender to us, we will destroy the Earth," Zidon said.

"There's no time to waist! Get everyone together. We're going to the Earth's core," I said.

In ten minutes all the main or most important animals were at the lowest point in the underground tunnels.

"This mission is the most important you will ever go on," I said, "O.k., dig you gophers." The gophers dug until they reached a multin lava flow.

"Don't think me a pesimist but how the heck are we going to get over that lava flow!" asked Roger racoon.

"Well, I'll tell you ... look it's one of the bombs," I said as I pointed to it.

"I repeat, how will we get across the lava flow?" Roger asked.

"This is a metal box that Dr. Furline and the Prof. have been working on. It is resistant to the hottest heat. We'll put Rose, Dorothy, Robert, Willy Worm, and Sam my squirrel in it. First let me test it in the lava, "O.k. you guys get in and don't smash Willy."

The metal craft floated to the other side of the flowing lava. Everyone got out of it. Rose took the clippers and asked, "What do I cut first?"

"Ask Robert," I yelled back.

"Well," Rose said.

"The red, then the blue," Robert said. Rose cut them in that order, "the black, then the yellow." Rose cut those then threw it into the lava flow.

"Of course," Allison said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Throw the bomb into the lava flow," said Allison.

"That's a great idea. Morgan, Willy, and Robert, you stay here. Everyone else look for the bomb and bring it here," I said.

Four hours and ten minutes later Roger found the bomb. "I found the bomb," he yelled.

fourteen minutes and ten seconds later Roger came running with the bomb. He tripped and the bomb flew into the air and I caught it. I then threw it into the lava.

"That was close. Only one second was left until it would have exploded. You saved the Earth," Roger said.

Six hours later in the S.O.O.C.A.V. base. "We won't have to worry about the Zodlicks for a while at least," Allison said.

"I hope not," Robert said.


© 1987, Andrew Zimmerman Jones

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