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Of the three Goddesses, the Crone is ascendant.
The Maiden and Mother are weak, useless bitches.
Gone are the days when life-givers and virgins have power.

Gone are the days of virgins, for that matter.

For years, I tried to deny these truths.
I clung to the warmth of goodness, light, and life.
Now there is only darkness ... cold ... and death.

-- Beginning of "Ascension," ©2004 Andrew Zimmerman Jones

The Kingdom of Lakes is in turmoil. Cancer has struck down the king. A year ago, Prince Chamberlain was assassinated during a Samhaine cruise hosted by his bastard half-brother, Cornelius.

It has been hardest on Melanie, Chamberlain's sister who has no knowledge of her faerie heritage and birthright. But this Samhaine, the power the royal legacy will flow to her. Her fiance, Phileus, fears that Cornelius will strive to steal that birthright.

On a yacht near Detroit, Michigan, these intrigues come to a climax, but there are forces darker than a regicidal coup at work. Can Phileus protect the Princess long enough for her to become queen, or will Cornelius' plots succeed in grappling away control of the kingdom? In the end, who will reach a state of...


by Andrew Zimmerman Jones

Cyber-Pulp's Halloween Anthology 3.0

edited by Bob Gunner
published and distributed by Cyber-Pulp Books

Fifty percent of the royalties from Halloween go to The Read Foundation and
I, personally, receive no proceeds from the sale of these books.
This likely means that it will become a best-seller, so please check it out now, before the demand gets too high.
You'll be able to tell your friends that you were one of the first to read it.

The anthology features a foreward by Michael Boatman (i.e. the "gay black guy") of ABC's Spin City
along with forty-two Halloween stories. Perfect for this dark holiday season!

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About the story

This story was originally written for an anthology of zombie stories, but got a rejection. For months, I didn't send it out again because I wasn't pleased with it. I realized that the core of the story was the intermingling of the two worlds that exist. Every character is keeping a secret, has a dual existence. Ultimately, only one of them can truly embrace both sides of their identity.

I rewrote the story with this in mind, alternating between the characters to add a feel of tension and speed to what is, ultimately, a pretty short work without a lot of physical action. I feel the story unfolds better now, and that the contrast between the worlds is more obvious.

I also decided, while revising the story, that the setting was definitely rich enough to have further stories there and began to get a further vision of what will take place after "Ascension."


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