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Andrew Zimmerman Jones returns
to the Bubbas of the Apocalypse setting
with a soon-to-be classic tale of east meets west,
as the Emperor Bubba X from the Holy Bubba Empire
meets the young chinaman "Joey" (Jo-Yi) and the eunuch No Hung in...

"Empire of Silk, Empire of Flannel"

Now available in the print anthology:
International House of Bubbas

edited by Selina Rosen
published by Yard Dog Press

A virus has destroyed most of humanity, either killing them or transforming them into yuppie zombies -- Yombies -- save for a small fraction of humanity that was saved due to an ingredient in a generic brand of barbecue sauce. Now the future of the human race rests with these surviving good ol' boys ... and they've gone international.

International House of Bubbas is a shared world anthology set in a humorous, yet frightening, post-apocalyptical world of rednecks and yuppies.

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AZJ Essay Appears in
Pink Floyd and Philosophy

My essay, "Exploring the Dark Side of the Rainbow," is out in
Pink Floyd and Philosophy
from Open Court Books'
Pop Culture and Philosophy series.
. In the essay, I explore the mysterious connection between
Dark Side of the Moon
and the classic film
The Wizard of Oz

Don't know the connection?
Check out the book!

"Diminished Capacity"
available online at
Abyss & Apex magazine.

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